New Invention Gives Hope To All Those Suffering From Chronic Snoring

Jun 27, 2019 by Aly Walansky

Users enthusiastically. Clever invention fights annoying snoring.

Millions of people know that snoring has very serious social and marital consequences. Approximately one out of two men and one out of four women snore while sleeping. Snoring, which was previously considered as just an annoying disturbance, is now recognized as a serious sleep disorder and a potential health risk. It is a major symptom of sleep apnea, a condition which can have far more serious health consequences and even lead to premature death.k

Now there's a revolutionary helper that immediately improves nasal breathing and can thereby prevent snoring.


It is called the SilentSnore, and it's the first small and easy-to-use device for combating bothersome snoring noises. The innovative aid consists of a soft silicone ring that's pushed into the nose. The built in therapeutic magnets are also beneficial, according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine. These help to stimulate the nose's sensory nerves and prevent it from falling out during sleep.


"Tens of thousands of people have already used this little wonder to sleep better and more peacefully at night. And indeed - snoring can easily be combated with this method!"



The SilentSnore gently widens the nostrils to reduce respiratory resistance in the nose; in other words, air can flow better into the lungs through the nose. As soon as the body registers that nasal breathing is working without restriction again, it unconsciously switches to (much healthier) nasal breathing. In contrast to things like chinstraps, SilentSnore does not disturb you while you sleep.

The SilentSnore is pushed into the nasal opening before going to sleep.

Breathe deeply again - SilentSnore promotes nasal breathing and combats disagreeable snoring.

This ingenious little device controls snoring when sleeping without interfering the normal sleep cycle.

A normal and healthy sleep cycle should include at least 25% at deep sleep, by relieving snoring effectively, stop disturbing your sleeping partner immediately, and guarantee your body rest and regenerate well.


"This is the only anti-snoring product I would recommend because it's the only one that works for me, and I've tried them all."

Peter Jackson, NY



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